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DLA Distribution Richmond, John M. Pearson, Director

DLA Distribution Richmond, Virginia

DLA Distribution Richmond, Va., receives, stores, maintains, manages and distributes material to the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, while also providing premium distribution services to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Foreign Military Sales program.

The distribution center serves as DLA Distribution's primary site for hazardous material with Environmental Protection Agency-conforming storage space. It is also the primary DoD repository for Ozone Depleting Substances, which includes a compressed gas reclamation and cylinder refurbishment operation.

In January 2014, DLA Distribution Richmond, Va., absorbed the primary functions of the former DLA Distribution Mapping. Today, DLA Distribution Richmond is responsible for inventory and worldwide physical distribution of all maps, charts and other geodetic material for DoD, managing 72,000 map items representing over 60 million sheets for its military customers worldwide.

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