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Defense Distribution Depot Corpus Christi, Ryan D. Fearnow, LTC, USA, Commander

DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas

DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas, serves as the primary wholesale distribution point for major components to support helicopter repair missions for Department of Defense and Foreign Military Sales customers worldwide. Its mission is to receive, store, pack, preserve, issue and arrange transportation for assigned supplies and equipment as directed by DLA and Service Inventory Control Point Item managers.

Items processed include repair parts for principal end items such as small aircraft and helicopters, avionics, electronics, industrial, petroleum, chemical, radioactive and other hazardous materials. DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas, performs responsibilities as the responsible property officer for all assets in storage. Other services provided by the distribution center include loading and unloading helicopters and other priority cargo from C-17, C-5A, C-141, and C-130 aircraft operated by the Air Mobility Command and local delivery of aircraft components and other items to designated customers.

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